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A little about myself.

I’m a 24 year old who graduated with a B.A in Economics. I’ve worked in the food industry for about 4 years and have traded stocks and options in the start of 2018. I first invested into Cryptocurrencies in 2018 as well. I did not have a clue what crypto was or if there were use cases for it besides P2P (Peer to Peer) transactions. Ran into financial issues in 2019 and had to liquidate putting my interests elsewhere for the remainder of the year. 2020 comes and Covid-19 has put everyone indoors. I’ve come to take this time to research stocks/options once again until September. In September, I had learned about de-fi, decentralized finance, and was enamored with crypto again. To me it wasn’t about the money, nor overthrowing government but rather the notion that trust can be automated without a human intermediary was intriguing. And so, I begun my journey through the deep, deep rabbit hole that is crypto.

Yes, crypto twitter is something I scroll around everyday. It’s educational, entertaining, and chaotic.

24 year old, B.A. Economics, Crypto enthusiast, C.T. scroller, Trader